A challenge for the fingers and the brain! This guy likes his freedom and doesn t want to go back into a cube. Once in a cube, he ll gladly become a person again so you can challenge yourself again.
Fidgety fingers can have fun playing with our non-therapeutic-looking bendies. Now with more choices-from the cute to the definitely not-cute! When not needed, they can be discreetly tucked out of sight because they are pocket-sized.
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This fidget toy that is made of a strong articulated plastic chain that can be shaped and reshaped. It can even be made into a bracelet or necklace. In addition to the finger movement, it also makes a clicking sound that some find engaging or calming.
One size fits all! these rings are not only good for fingers that need to move, but they are also supposed to b good for relaxing finger muscles and giving the acupressure points a massage.
Spooners + superhero = Bat Board. This board goes from a quiet, gentle full body movement to a full body workout. And now you can do it in superhero style - Batman inspired shape and we only have it in black - just like Batman himself.
A bit of room is needed to make these balls do their thing . Bounce them and they flash! Squeeze them and nothing happens. Great for encouraging full body movement of running to catch the ball before it stops flashing.
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For some, slight pressure to the head helps to relax & focus. Here is a fun way to assist them in chilling out and zoning in . Take the seriousness out of the moment and be a little goofy while providing serious benefits.
Loopy Launcher can be squeezed, pulled and even launched but it is so soft and light-weight, there will be no damage done. Bonus, it can be attached to our Fidget Belt.
For the first time ever - I recommend Junk Food! This junk food is far from unhealthy. In fact, it is a fun & squeezable fidget that can help some people focus. Lots on the menu to choose from.
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Sandbox fun but improved! You can build to your heart s content with Living Sand. It never dries out, is non-toxic, non-sticky, won t stain and prevents bacterial growth. Each kit comes with its own sand toys.
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Knee hockey updated! Bring our great Canadian game indoors. Enjoy a round-robin tournament over the holidays or a quick game any time. Practice slap shots and backhands as a fun way to practice midline crossing.
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Be silly with this toy of yesteryear - wooden slide whistles! Ten different choices - six from the silly royals set and four from the Aztec animal. Enjoy the easy to make and unique sound that a slide whistle makes.
Girls and guys - be one up on fashion! Newly available - spin rings. Fidget in fashion with one of our many styles. Each ring has a centre band that moves independently from the main ring - a mini-ring on a ring.
A simple concept with amazing uses! Spooners can be used while listening to a teacher, watching TV, working on the computer or as a toy. It can be used on carpet, hardwood or as a slider on snow or grass. Also, a great spinner. What more could you want?
Addictive to play with. Stretch it. Tear it. Pop it. Knead it. Bounce it. Snap it. What can t you do with it? And it doesn t leave a greasy feel on hands, has no odour and will never dry out.
Starts as a car, finishes as a transformer. But there s more! The elastic connected parts gives lots of options for moving the puzzle parts to create different poses.
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Easily calm and soothe the body with this weight activated cushion, made in fun shapes, colours and textures. Pick your favourite!
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This cuddly stuffy is for those who find weight, warmth and or soft texture soothing or for those who become more alert when exposed to something cool. May also be soothing for adults with dementia who enjoy holding or handling things.
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Root-A-Toot-Toot! Here comes the one-man (or one-person) marching band. This colourful, sturdy and easy-to-play whistle is a basic toy that encourages imagination and lung development.
Girls and guys look funky and fashionable by stacking several Zazzy Zipper Bracelets. Buy one and play with the zipper. Stack several on your wrist and play with the bracelets or play with the zippers. Look good, feel good.
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