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A quick & new breakfast for non-brekkies

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A quick & new breakfast for non-brekkies

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

I have no doubt you have heard that phrase.

But how do you do that if: 
     1)    You don’t feel hungry in the morning? or 
     2)    You have food allergies and find it difficult to create quick and easy breakfasts? 

And what if you also want it to be tasty and give you energy for the entire morning?

And what if you also want it to be healing and healthy for your brain?

I might have the magic elixir. Well, it might not be magic but it was a helpful elixir for me.

A few years ago my body changed. I went from someone who loved eating big breakfasts to someone who felt nauseous at the thought of eating anything for the first several hours of the day. And to make things more challenging, eating wheat, dairy, or eggs (i.e. most breakfast options), left me feeling not-great.

The answer? Fat. But not just any kind of fat, and not mixed with everything.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you feed yourself what your body needs when it needs it, that's love. So give your bod some TLC and sit down and enjoy a good, substantial breakfast. 

~Kathy Freston (as I said above, this advice used to work for me, but doesn’t anymore)

What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?
~Anthony Bourdain

When you have something for breakfast, you're not going to be starving by lunch.
~Bruce Barton

Action Ideas
This breakfast idea was liberally stolen from the concept of Bulletproof Coffee. If you love coffee, then that might be a good choice for you.

If you, like me, don’t drink coffee, or are looking for a breakfast idea for a younger person, then maybe build on this (funny that we don’t have kids drink coffee, possibly because of the caffeine, yet allow all sorts of high-caffeine soft drinks):

I make a pseudo-latte that is very high in healthy fat, low in carbs, and low in most nutrients.

I make a strong chai tea (rooibos tea if I don't want caffeine), and add a quarter to a half cup full fat coconut milk, depending on the size of my cup, and a small amount of sweetener. Then shake I vigorously, put it in a blender or Magic Bullet, or use a hand mixer to blend it well. Done.

It keeps me satisfied for hours.

Yes, I eat a very high-fat breakfast, and feel better for it. We need HEALTHY fats to make our bodies and brains happy. If we reduce our carbs, especially from what I understand, at the time of eating the fat, we reduce the fattening effects of the fats and keep all of the goodness of it.

You might be questioning why I choose a breakfast that is low in micronutrients.
     First, I choose it because it is high in the macronutrient fat, which as I mentioned, is good for our body and brain.
     Second, it doesn’t contain a lot of inflammatory foods*.
     Third, many/most of us already have breakfasts that are bankrupt of nutrients so it is no worse than many breakfast options.
     Fourth, it keeps me satisfied until lunch.

You can also add a bit of MCT oil (multi chain triglyceride) for an additional healthy fat. Beware: add it in small amounts or you’ll be experiencing ‘disaster pants’. Although it is supposed to be a healthy fat, adding it is personal preference. It doesn’t agree with me so one half to one teaspoon is the most my throat will allow (I start to gag).

If a chai latte doesn’t sound good, there are lots of flavours of teas now available.

If you have a young’un who is not always tidy at the table, try our Catch-It Bib, Perfect Pocket Bib and Perfect Pocket Smock.

Have a great start to everyday, whether it begins with a full breakfast or something else that suits your body.

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S. When I first started doing this, I also wanted to chew something, which by habit would be carbs. Since I wanted to avoid carbs during or after eating my high-fat breakfast, I made sure I had lots to do for 2-4 hours after that didn't tempt me to eat. Changing my breakfast pattern was as much about habit change as nutrition.

P.P.S. Want to know more about this type of breakfast?
 Let me know and I will do a part two that makes it even quicker/easier to enjoy this type of breakfast. If I don't hear from many of you, I'll assume you either aren't interested or are so interested, you've already searched for the info you want.

*And speaking of inflammatory, I’ve heard that xylitol might be inflammatory. Choose what sweetener works for you. Since I struggle with sugar cravings, the fact that it doesn’t trigger my sugar cravings, makes it my first choice. You have to do what works the best for you.

Websites used in this article: (this was the first that appeared. The list is only black teas so there are many other flavours too)

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