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Almost deja vu. Don’t weight. Check out this week’s issue.

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Almost deja vu. Don’t weight. Check out this week’s issue.

Last week I spoke about the slower-than-expected process of designing and manufacturing a lap pad.
This week I received a prototype of a new design from a different company - a cat neck wrap (which can also double as a lap pad). I love so much about it, but there are corrections needed. And that’s where you come in.
Help me improve the design and this non-shedding, low maintenance weighted cat can be yours!*

Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. This means corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another. 
~Simon Mainwaring

Research is creating new knowledge. 
~Neil Armstrong

Take Action NOW
As with last week, notice the heading does not say 'Action Ideas' as it usually does but says Take Action Now.

Please respond to the questions either by typing into the comments box or by sending an email. Contest ends Tuesday, April 10, 11:59 p.m.
*Winners' names will be name public.

To see a not-well-planned video about the questions below, go here.

Planned changes:
     The weight will be distributed from paw to paw. In the prototype, the pocket is much shorter.
     The body will be narrower. Right now it is quite big at the back of the neck.
     The tummy area will be cut in deeper so the paws drop to the front farther, allowing it to sit around the neck more securely.
     The head will not be turned as much so the nose won't touch the wearer's face.
     The tail will be lengthened so it ca be used for stroking (thanks C.S. for that wonderful suggestion).

Questions for you:
The colours of the final cat will probably not be the same as the sample shown in the photo above. I thought multi-colour for the body and a darker complementary colour for the nose, tail tip and paws. Since this is easy to wash, perhaps having the nose and paws in white would be okay. I prefer the look of the white and am only considering the darker colour for practical reasons.
1. What secondary colour would you like? White or dark?
As an aside, in the next version, only the paws, not the entire leg will be in the contrasting colour.
2. Any cat colour or pattern preference (brown, grey, orange, spotted, striped, etc)?
3. We were wondering about making the cat purr. We haven't looked into it yet, however if many are interested and we can do it for the price that you are willing to pay, then that might be an option. Would you like the cat to purr/vibrate?

If yes, how much more (additional cost) would you be willing to pay? $5 or less, $10 or less, $15 or less?

4. Any other suggestions to make this weighted cat more 'purr-fect' (yes, my jokes are that lame)?
To thank you for helping us with this new idea, all offering feedback will be entered to win the famous cat, as pictured above and on video

Thanks for you help. The end result might’ve been ‘cat’otrophic without it.

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