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Almost there - successfully wearing new clothes. Part 3

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Almost there - successfully wearing new clothes. Part 3

Now that you have done the best you can with deciding on and purchasing new clothes:
Yay! The finish line is in sight.

But there is a big difference between bringing new clothes into the house and putting new clothes on to a body. 


When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else.
~Iris Apfel

I like to be myself, and I don't pretend. For instance, I don't dress up for occasions; I am what I am. ~Virat Kohli

Action Ideas 
1. New clothes may need to be laundered several times before wearing the first time.
2. Caution which laundry detergent you use. Unscented can mean that there was a scent due to the chemicals and the scent has been masked, which means, the soap contains lots of chemicals.
3. Use vinegar in rinse water. The smell of vinegar fades quickly, reduces static and leaves no chemical nor afterscent.
4. Especially in winter, moisturize skin or have fish oils. Dry skin is itchier, regardless what is worn.
5. Have a tactile desensitation treatment before wearing new clothes.
6. Layer with softer fabrics under. Maybe wear under layer inside out.
7. Reduce dressing time by removing unseasonable clothes so there are fewer options. The removal of clothing may have to be done slowly (move to the bottom of the stack and then remove from daily use).
8. To reduce stress, allow extra time in the morning. Or decide on clothing the evening before. Or have clothing ‘packages’ – when wearing the blue pants, the blue shirt or the plaid shirt is worn.
9. Only introduce 1 new item/week.
10. Have a to-wear list. This would have the new items listed and one of the new items would have to be worn each week. The day of the new clothes are worn is the child’s choice.
11. Give the child a choice between two options, and make sure the option you want chosen is the more desirable of the two.
12. If one of the newly purchased items is a hit, buy more of the same.
13. Our weighted vests (standard and custom-made) help some people to increase their ability to handle change as well as increase their ability to focus. Might be a great school option.

Dress for success, YOUR success.

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