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Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada. Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada.

Buy more / save more sale

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Welcome to our buy more / save more sale! 

             List of sale items!

We are celebrating a permanent spring cleaning.

Why a 'permanent clean'?

Because we’ve decided to focus on our signature products only (i.e. those we make ourselves). That means BIG DISCOUNTS on all of our other products!

You save money on a variety of sensory items. We clear out as much product as quickly as possible. 

The terms: Price categories listed below are pre shipping and gst. No other discounts apply. 

$100 - 199.99: 10% discount

$200 - 299.99: 20% discount

$300 – 399.99: 30% discount

$400 - 499.99: 40% discount

$500 and up: 50% discount 

The products are listed alphabetically.  

Some items we have in abundance. Others we have very few. Therefore, order ASAP.

             List of sale items!

Please share this with anyone who you think might be interested in getting a great price on sensory items.

Or team up with them to get a better price! As long as there’s one shipping address, we don’t care how you divvy it up once it arrives.

If useful, we can include separate invoices within one order. For example, let’s say 2 schools wanted to place orders for $300 each. If they messaged me to ship them to one address, we’d include 2 separate invoices ($300 each = over $500) with a 50% discount on each order shipped to a single address.

How to place an order:

Send me an email with the items and amounts you want.

I’ll send you an estimate with the appropriate discount.

Once changes are made if needed (in case some products are no longer available) and the order is confirmed, the order will be shipped out or can be picked up.


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