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Day 1: Tackling Challenges

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Day 1: Tackling Challenges

#10DBC Day 1: What is your challenge?

For months I’ve thought about creating a Facebook business page but delayed. I do not love spending time on a computer and therefore, did not want to spend time on the computer learning to do something that will force me to spend more time at the computer.


However, being on Facebook felt necessary for the health of InnovAID. Signing up for the blog challenge (#10DBC) created a deadline. Otherwise, InnovAID still wouldn’t be on Facebook.


I was feeling good about finally being a legitimate business on Facebook, and decided to reward myself with time at a street festival. What a wonderful day I had, enjoying the weather, musicians, dancers, artists, photographers, street performers and others who attended #Kaleidofest.


One ‘stage’, or more precisely, spot on the street, was dedicated to young singers. When their set and the applause was over, the musicians’ faces were radiant. I admire their courage, not only to sing in front of strangers but also for being vulnerable as they shared cover songs and their own compositions.


When I returned home and read the blog challenge theme for the day (Facing your challenge), I thought, “How perfect. Today was all about facing challenges.”


Based on the energy I felt this morning and the musicians’ radiant faces, tackling a challenge is probably the best way to become engaged in life, involve others in the journey, and with any luck, enjoy the adrenaline of a completed project.


Now comes the good news and bad news about accepting a challenge.


The bad news isn’t that most of us don’t have a project to tackle. Instead, we have dozens of projects we ‘should’ tackle. We have them gathered on mental or paper lists. They haunt us because once added on the list, they are seldom removed.


Now comes the absolutely amazing, wonderful, good news part. Eighty percent of what is on the list can be crossed off, deleted, removed.


How do I know? Because: 
1. In reality, there isn’t time to do them all, 
2. If they absolutely had to be done, they would’ve been done already, and 
3. Assuming you are normal, then only 5-20% of the items on the list will have a big impact on your life. The rest, you can release.


In keeping with the usual language of this newsletter (but it does sound better the real way): 
If it isn’t a heck yes, then it’s a heck no. 
No grey area. Very few yeses, and lots and lots of nos.


If removing so many things from your focus, makes you nervous, keep the list but don’t have it front and centre, consuming your time and energy. Isn’t it better to make progress on a short but important list than be stuck in the energy-suck of a long list?


And who knows? Perhaps the momentum of doing the few key items will give you the energy to do other things on the list.


Or instead of tackling the list, you’ll celebrate.


I did and glad I did.


Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. 
~George S. Patton

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