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Day 10: Success, your way

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Day 10: Success, your way

#10DBC Day 10:Success, Your Way


Most people who signed up for Natalie Sisson’s blog challenge used it to clarify their next steps in creating a business that would allow them more freedom. Every day had a theme, suggestions and a video for support so that everyone could be successful.


Instead, I started a business Facebook page and focused on writing a sensory-related Facebook post every day that also related to Natalie’s theme.


In other words, I didn’t follow the rules.


So how did I do?


100% SUCCESS!!!


Huh? I didn’t follow the rules and yet was successful?


I successfullyreached my goal of InnovAID having a Facebook page with information on it and to become a more disciplined writer.


What did I learn? With the success of this challenge I’ve come to realize my action style is to study and research something to death, and then go all-in and act quickly.


My favourite post of the week? Hands down, the travel summary chart. It was the one where I felt I provided the most useful information within a short post. My purpose of this blog is to provide practical summarized information and sometimes this week, I strayed off the path in order to do the challenge.


But enough about me, what about you?


Looking back on your life, have you accepted a challenge that turned out well? What have you done that makes you proud? Why were you successful those times? What’s next on your wish list? What can you do to increase your chance of success?


By the way, what does success look like to you? More time to do the things you love? More money? Or Natalie’s favourite, more freedom to do whatever you desire at the time? #freedomplan


If any of this sounds good and you would like to participate, you can still join the blog challenge.


Then invite me to read and enjoy hearing about you.



I can. I will. End of story.

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