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Day 3: Create your perfect day!

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Day 3: Create your perfect day!

#10DBC Day 3: Create your perfect day

Would you like to experience your perfect day?

Tell me, what your perfect day would look like? What will you be doing, minute by minute?

When I was asked that question, I had no response and found it stressful to narrow down what my perfect day would look like.

I did eventually create my perfect day (sort of. I called it my wonderful day, which worked better for me). If you would like to discover your perfect day, go to the blog challenge page for instructions.

Planning a wonderful day is important for two reasons:
     1. Know where you want to go so decision-making and recognizing opportunities becomes much easier, and
     2. Knowing what is wonderful about your perfect day allows you to bring a bit of your perfect day into your present life. 

If you want to start experiencing a wonderful day today and don’t have time to plan your perfect day, no problem, I can help.

Start where you are.

Pick a non-favourite 15-30 minute time slot from your day, something like commuting home from work, preparing supper, homework with the kids.

What don’t you like about it? What would it look like if it was wonderful? Would listening to a podcast or a talking book make your trip home from work better? Would supper be easier if you created something to make mealtime prep easier. For example, Mondays are chicken days, Tuesday are non-meat days, etc, or subscribe to a meal-planning service (this is newly released and sounds amazing. Not sure if this is an intro price because it seems like lots of value for not much money). What can be done to de-stress homework time?

Whether you are planning your perfect day or struggling to de-stress parts of your life, having the vision of what you want will help you get there. 


Even though you might not have a home on the beach or food prepared for you daily, consider the joy of having a home and having food to eat.


Feeling gratitude for where you are now, is part-way to being grateful for arriving at where you want to be.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
~Colin Powell


If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.
~Lewis Carrol

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