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Day 6: Your Tribe

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Day 6: Your Tribe

#10DBC Day 6: Your Tribe. Woo-hoo, completed half the challenge!


Yesterday, Natalie Sisson, the creator of the 10 Day Blog Challenge (if you want to join the challenge, you still can), chose ‘Finding Your Tribe’ for the theme.




Finding your tribe is essential for survival and sanity, happiness and hope, and I would say far more so for people whose lives are impacted because of sensory issues.


Having people who understand, accept and support you during the rough times, and help celebrate, as well as remind you of the good times during the not-so-good times, makes life deeper and richer.


But if Tribe is all quite wonderful, why did it take four attempts for me to get anything typed that I was willing to share?


Why? Because tribe is important to me and I had so much I wanted to share. All in about 500 words. Someone might be able to do that but I’m not that someone.


Instead, I’ve decided to focus on one small aspect of being part of a tribe. On word. Acknowledgement.


When people talk about tribes, usually friendships come to mind.


Do you have friends in your life who understand the exhaustion and frustration of dealing with one too many meltdowns? Or receiving yet another ‘look’ from a stranger as your child struggles to cope?


Are there people in your life who can help you celebrate a milestone, yet you both know that just around the corner, there could be a one-step or three-step backwards day?


Think about those people and acknowledge them. Thank them.


Do you have people in your life that are your go-to people when you need information? They may be friends or professionals. They might be someone you only know online. Or perhaps someone who doesn’t know you personally and who you’ve never met, such as an author, podcaster, or lecturer.


If they’ve made your life better, acknowledge them by telling others about them, or with an email, a comment, a tweet or an old-fashioned card.


The strength of our tribes comes, in part, from the strength of us as individuals. Have you been able to help someone? Maybe you are a leader or a wise-one within a tribe. Compliment yourself and acknowledge the compliment. Be grateful for the gifts you have, what you have accomplished so far, and what you have shared with other people.


What we focus on expands. Let’s expand our gratitude to our world, beginning with what we give and receive within our tribes.


 “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

~attributed as an African proverb

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