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Day 7: Beating procrastination & overwhelm

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Day 7: Beating procrastination & overwhelm

#10DBC Day 7: Beating Procrastination And Overwhelm


Today’s challenge made me smile a knowing smile.


Yesterday was the first day I did not send out a blog for the 10 Day Blog Challenge. Why? I could not get it right. And we are not talking perfectionism here. We are talking, “What the heck am I trying to say? Nothing that I write makes sense.”


The ideas I wrote in the morning were nothing but  jumble.


Rewrote it in the afternoon.


Dedicated time to it in the evening.


Trashed it.


There were too many ideas in my head I wanted to share about Tribe, yesterday’s topic. For a while, I did nothing. Basically, I fell into overwhelm and procrastination.


This entire challenge was my way of getting over the procrastination of creating a Facebook page and getting into the habit of posting daily. This challenge addresses the most important component to overcome procrastination and overwhelm: daily doable action.


To go from major goal to daily doable action, start with the end in mind. Know the why behind the goal and the rewards if successful. Also, be aware of the cost of the project. There are always time and resources costs, both the cost of doing the project and what you are losing by not doing something else with your time and resources.


Then, break the goal into 3-5 major components. Continue to break down each of the components into smaller and smaller tasks until each task is doable, or you are convinced you will be able to tackle each task when it arrives. Note ways to complete each item and what resources will be needed. Assign a deadline for each of the components as well as the completed project.


Following this process helps in two ways:

  1. Breaking the project into actionable steps, figuring out a process and listing the resources needed all aid to overcome procrastination and overwhelm. Each step is laid out and small enough to be doable.


  1. Having a deadline and tracking your way towards that deadline creates accountability, urgency and excitement.


And of course, we aware you will need patience and forgiveness for those times when things go wrong, which they will. And that is where knowing why the goal is important, so you will slug through the unexpected detours and celebrate the milestones achieved and a successful goal.


Step by step and the thing is done.

~Charles Atlas

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