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Day 8: Choosing your own adventure

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Day 8: Choosing your own adventure

#10DBC Day 8: Choose your adventure

Today’s theme is about fun and adventure – two favourite topics of lifestyle entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson (#freedomplan), who created this blog challenge (there is still time to join the challenge).


Special needs. Fun and adventure. Not an automatic connection.


But without too much of a stretch, the concept of adventure certainly applies. Anyone who is living or working with someone with special needs knows what I’m talking about – constantly wading into uncharted waters, entering the uncomfort zone and learning new things because the old information isn’t useful.


Because sensory issues don’t follow a clear cut course, it can be a guessing game – always trying to predict the best action based on limited knowledge and ever-changing circumstances.


That sounds like an adventure to me.


But fun? That's more of a stretch but I can apply the term fun if I am willing to finesse the meaning a bit.


Instead of frivolous and spontaneous fun, what about the fun of being successful, of 1. having a goal, 2. having a plan and then, 3. following the plan.


This blog challenge for instance.

  1. The goal was to overcome the discomfort of posting on Facebook and force me into a daily Facebook routine. It was also to make me a better writer (going with the theory, quality comes with quantity).


  1. The plan was, as you know, to write a blog post every day based on a theme.


  1. And do the follow-through. This is where the fun comes in. Did I like the idea of writing a blog post everyday about an unknown theme that I would have to apply to an aspect of sensory issues, if possible? No, no, no and no.


Has it been fun?


You bet!


It has be soul-satisfyingly fun.


So, is there a challenge in your life that can be reframed as an adventure? And perhaps there will be fun involved, by what you learn and do, by the people you meet along the way, and the person you become.


Whether or not we want it, life is the adventure we share. Might as well make it as fun as possible.


One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

~William Feather

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