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Dismantling a house and classroom activity

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Dismantling a house and classroom activity

Less often than once-in-a-lifetime!
That is how I would describe my adventure last week. My grandparents’ 100 year old log home was dismantled so it could be reassembled in another continent (the logs are under the siding).
Lots of physical labour, chats with relatives and a flood of memories. There was also the opportunity to meet people from the area.
One amazing, skilled woman, who dropped in from time to time when she could, had double my energy and strength. I enjoyed watching her steady, strong movement.
She always knew she wanted to be a farmer and said an office job would’ve killed her
Even driving through a city made her feel restricted.
Unfortunately, for those who need physical movement, most lifestyles aren’t as supportive as being a farmer.
So how do we help those kids who NEED to move and the rest of us who need to move more?


Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.
~Carol Welch
Life is a balance between rest and movement.


Action Ideas for Classroom Activity
Teachers, these ideas are for you. If you like adding movement to the classroom, please scroll to the PS at the bottom of the newsletter for more info*.
1. Create standing desks by raising the legs of the desks or tables. Not only do some kids work better, they behave and sleep better, too.
2. Do 30-90 second disruption/interruption eruptions*.
Take a break occasionally to move intensely. Do something simple. Once part of your classroom routine, it would only take a literal minute or two. A sound would indicate it is time for everyone to get up and erupt. Lead the activity (after all, movement is good for you as well). It can be 30 seconds of running as fast as possible on the spot, 90 seconds of marching on the spot and lifting knees as high as possible. Arms can be added. Add crossing the midline (hands punching across the body or alternating tapping one foot on the outside of the other foot).
Don’t believe 30-90 seconds will have an impact. Try it right now. Can you do an intense minute of running on the spot? If you are going full out, it will be a looong minute.
3. Encourage movement when seated with things like resistance bandsaround the chair legs so feet can be tucked behind and pulled forward, or heels can push back on the band. Intro special this week only!
4. When seated at a desk, put hands on chair seat and try to lift bottom upout of chair using only hands and arms.
5. When seated, keeping legs bent, lift left leg and right arm, then alternate by lifting right leg and left arm. Or punch the arm to the far corner to cross the midline.
6. Squat so knees and butts are level and hold. To add difficulty, punch arms, or keep arms stationary and alternate lifting toes (a nice calf stretch if the raised toe is held).
Move and groove everyone!

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S. *Movement allows kids to be calmer, more alert, more creative, better behaved, healthier etc, etc, etc. The list of benefits are endless.
But how to fit it into a jam-packed day?
We think we have the answer.
Would you be interested in discussing a new concept for organized classroom exercise bursts? Let me know your thoughts, and if it is developed, you will receive a free sample of the product.

In a nutshell, we (InnovAID and a fitness instructor) would provide several exercises that could be completed while seated or beside a desk. Each exercise would have three levels. The first level would be a video of a slow walk-through/explanation of the exercise. The second video would be the basic routine that would have 30-90 seconds of exercise. The third video would have extra movements added, in case the second level became too easy.
A great way to create classroom calm, engagement, and focus. All for only seconds or a few minutes a day.
Minimal preparation, time or space required.
You now know the idea. Next step: your input.
If:  1. you are interested,
     2. you see problems with the idea, or
     3. there is already something out there that addresses that need, I would love to, and need to hear about it.

There is no sense spending resources on a product that:
     1) isn’t wanted,
     2) could be made better with a few tweaks, and
     3) is already being done.
Please contact me if you have any input. Even if it is a fantastic idea, if no one or only a few support it, I’ll wrongly assume it is not worth pursuing. And that would be a shame.
After responding, please forward this to everyone you know who might be interested. Thanks!
PPS InnovAID will be in Calgary on Thursday, August 25, 2016. There are a few slots open. If it works, you could have a private showing of any of our products. Let us know before 6:00 pm MST today (Wednesday, Aug. 24). Looking forward to seeing you.
Thanks for helping spread the word.

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