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Don’t feed a cold. Feed yourself and prevent a cold.

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Don’t feed a cold. Feed yourself and prevent a cold.

“It’s the cold season again” I overheard.

“Not for me,” I thought.

I haven’t had a cold or the flu in years, and seldom feel under the weather. That isn’t to say I sail through life. My specialty is injury, although my last injury I’ll share blame with my doctor and her diagnosis of “It’s nothing” when the issue initially presented itself (but that’s another story).
Why do I seldom get sick – who knows? Maybe it is my pure and loving thoughts (not!) or my genes (more likely).
Asking Dr. Google what to do about preventing colds, I received the same advice for preventing many other diseases, early death, and obesity, as well as helping increase energy, happiness and life satisfaction.
So why don’t we . .
. . . eat more veggies, lean protein and healthy fats, and eat less sugars and unhealthy fats
. . . and exercise more 
. . . and focus on improving our social bonds 
. . . and sleep more 
. . . and in the case of colds specifically, wash our hands after using the washroom, blowing our nose, touching public objects, and before eating.
TIME! There is never enough of it to do all of the above!

How do we start with the basic of giving our bodies the fuel it needs to function everyday and to fend off germs and bacteria?


I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.
~Joyce Meyer
It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.
~Mahatma Gandhi

Action Ideas 
1. Most families are said to rely on 10 basic meals. Review if your top 10 are the type of meals you want to keep in your top 10 list. If not, switch out a couple. Then a couple more, and more until you are happy. If you have 10 healthy go-to meals, you are probably eating healthy 80% of the time – a great accomplishment.

2. Make meal planning a bit easier by having a theme for everyday: Monday is a chicken dish, Tuesday is meatless, etc. It helps to narrow down the options and makes it easier to try new healthy recipes (searching for “favourite chicken recipes” is better than “quick dinner ideas”, especially because you will have the basic ingredient).

3. I recently joined an online group where I met Mandy Curry, who has a company called Healthy Kids. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not for kids only but for anyone who eats and who wants to be healthy (that is, all of us). The website it still new to me but looks like a total win for anyone who wants to eat healthier, make meal planning and prep more enjoyable, wants to have their kids learn how to cook, save time with grocery shopping and reduce food waste. All for about $1.29 USD/week. She also has a school program.
*I do not receive anything for sharing her website except the hope that you will slay the dinner dragon. I never did. 

4. If you have someone who eats and wears about the same amount of food, check out our award winning bibs for the young (4 months and up) and not-quite young (2-4 years) and smocks (2-4 years). All on special pricing!

What do you do to have a tasty, healthy week? Maybe you have a dead dinner dragon and could teach us a thing or two.

P.S. We are celebrating five days on Facebook! To get used to posting on FB, I entered a blog challenge -10 blogs in 10 days around themes we are issued daily (#10DBC). The organizing company, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, focuses on creating a lifestyle business but I tweak the questions so they are more applicable to you. I started with a bang by offering a contest. Now, I'm getting mixed info on the type of contest I can/should run but, I promise, somehow, someway,  someone will get something next Tuesday. Regardless, come to our page and say a quick hi. 

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