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Finding your ‘balance’ with exercise. Part 2

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Finding your ‘balance’ with exercise. Part 2

Last week I started a 3 part series after chatting with a doctor. She shared the most impactful changes we can make to create health. 

In reverse order- #3: eating whole foods (main tip: shop only from the perimeter of a grocery store).

Tip #2, I’ll have to embellish, unless you want this to be this to be the shortest newsletter ever.

She only gave one word: exercise.

If you read that word with dread or checked out, does it work better for you if you replaced 'exercise' with ‘movement’? Hopefully that makes it more doable.

Exercise in general is not the point of this newsletter. Today's focus is for people to do specific minor movements for a skill we seldom think about.

Did you know fewer youth now stand when putting on their pants?* It sounds like a silly thing to include here, but to stand when getting dressed not only engages muscle, it helps balance.

Movement requires balance. Much of balance can be learned. Learned through practice.
And according to my chiropractor, there are three levels to challenge your balance:
                1. Stare at a spot while balancing.
                2. Close eyes while balancing.
                3. Close eyes and tip head back slightly while balancing.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~Albert Einstein

Action is at bottom a swinging and flailing of the arms to regain one's balance and keep afloat. ~Eric Hoffer

 Action Ideas 
1. Look for daily triggers and opportunities to incorporate balance. For examples, when brushing teeth in the morning, stand on your right leg only (start the day off right). In the evening, stand on your left leg only.

2. When you begin, if you have weak balance (like me, after injuring one leg twice), have something near for balance, like a chair, wall or counter. The loss of balance can happen quickly.

3. Most of us sit too much. Incorporate movement and balance by watching TV standing up and moving or doing balancing movements. Don’t know any balancing movements? Search ‘yoga balance’.

4. Any time you are in a line up, it is easy lift one leg and count slow breaths, until balance is lost or you need to move forward. Compete with yourself to see how long you can go.

5. Expanding on #4, try shifting anything you are carrying or tilt your head upwards and gaze at something.

6. Stand on one leg to put shoes on or when getting dressed.

7. Use a spooner or batboard when watching TV for a constant use of rebalancing.

Have a happy Canada Day! Celebrate this wonderful country of ours on our 149th birthday!

What does Canada mean to you?

Nature is one of the top responses. It is for me. How about you?


*I heard this quite a while ago and now cannot find the source. But I decided to use it anyway.
It reminds me of a joke with the punchline of “I used to read but it’s faster to make stuff up.”

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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