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Free and easy ways to reduce possible EMF dangers. Part 2

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Free and easy ways to reduce possible EMF dangers. Part 2

Last week we introduced how the explosion of wireless products increase our exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field/force).
Flashback: Do you remember how people were concerned about mega-powerlines being build near homes or schools? Their concern: The long-term health effects of EMF. Now, with our dependency on wireless, we have invited a steady barrage of low level EMF into our lives.
Let’s cut the chit-chat and get into ways we can reduce EMF.

I don't have a cell phone because I know how horrible it is. Using your cell phone is like putting your head in a microwave every day.
~Douglas Tompkins, American conservationist, outdoorsman, philanthropist, filmmaker, agriculturalist, and businessman.
I think anyone who puts Wifi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their life.
Barrie Trower (more about him in the P.S.)

Action Ideas
NOTE: The effects of EMF are controversial. Some say it has no effects whatsoever. Some say it might/will over time. Others say they have already felt the effects. Since many people with sensory issues are sensitive to 'normal' things, I think it is a topic to consider. Especially since there are free and easy things we can do to reduce the impact.
1. The router is what distributes wifi within your home/building. Shut off/unplug your router at night or if not needed for extended time.

Bonus: This is a great way to reinforce the ‘no screens an hour before bed rule’. The blue light of screens disrupts melatonin and disrupts sleep.  
Since doing this research, I intend to turn off my router at night but I seldom remember. I plan to buy an automatic off/on device for my router – the same device used to turn your Christmas lights off and on. Compulsory off-screen time - I like it when good habits are enforced automatically.

Shutting off the router only prevents internet connection. You will still receive phone calls and text messages.

2. When you sleep, keep your phone as far away as possible, minimum of one arm’s length.

I used to keep my phone on my night table. Now its kept it in the bathroom. From there, I can still hear it if someone calls at night. Keeping my phone farther away also prevents me peeking at it during the night, which disrupts my sleep.
3. Keep your phone in airplane mode unless you need to access the internet.
4. Try not to have the cell phone within an one inch of the body. EMF strength drops off dramatically with distance. When speaking on your cell, use the speaker phone or wired earbuds.

5. Have your computer wired to the internet (<sigh> This is a difficult one for me. I’m writing this while sitting in my comfy writing chair).

6. Use a wired printer. That will also save you hassles, according to my computer guy. He says that wireless printers are notoriously unreliable.

7. Download information onto your computer then shut off wifi.

8. Opt out of smart home options. Since I am more of an old-school type of person and have no desire to be on the tech edge of anything, I know little of this area. But, when I checked, there was a long list of amenities that can ‘improve’ your home by making it ‘smarter’.

9. For infants, do not use a wireless baby monitor. Because of their thinner skulls and developing brains, they are much more likely to be affected by EMF.
10. At night, shut off as many devices as possible.

11. If you ever have the chance to voice your opinion on this topic: Schools should be wired as kids get bombarded with the signals all day if the school is wireless.

12. Although not to do with wireless, it does concern EMF – replace your night stand electric alarm with a battery-based alarm. Not only will that reduce EMF, the room will be darker because most battery-based alarms dim the clock face to preserve energy.  Another option I read about: a battery-run clock for the visually impaired. Because the focus is on audio, there is no lit face (i.e. no light to disturb your sleep).
13. There are items that can be purchased that aid in reducing your exposure. These have been tested and shown to reduce exposure. 

14. Does all this sound rather overwhelming? Want something to cuddle up with? Try one or many of our weighted stuffies. Soft and wireless.

Have a wonderful, sometime wireless, week.

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S. Are you a techie? Does this make sense? Have you heard of people who have issues with EMF?

Since my day is also spent away from my wireless laptop, I probably don't have the same exposure as others whose work is computer related.

What's your take on the topic? Is it anyone to worry about? Something you've already researched? Love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Websites read for this article, with a special thanks to John Robson for his help: This TED talk is what inspired this topic. The speaker, a civil engineer, shares his story. What I like about his site is that he is research-based. a good overview of the topic increase distance between self and device, and shut off when not in use - Chart of the increase of EMF and the rise of autism (almost identical), but this is the Earthcalm website and Earthcalm creates products from this belief. The chart is cited from a non-research source without a link to its location. I did not chase down the original research. Barrie Trower, expert in microwaves (wifi falls into the microwave classification). His opinion of a wireless school? Go to 6:25 for his above quote.
My apologies if you listened to the Barrie Trower link I sent last week. It was another talk by Trower but on the military use of microwaves.
There is opposing reports of the credibility of Trower. If he was working for MI5, like some of the reports state, then his history would not be well-known. Use judgement for anything he says.

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