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Hallowe'en: Sugar and more sugar! What to do about all that sugar!

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Hallowe'en: Sugar and more sugar! What to do about all that sugar!

The other day, a couple of radio announcers were talking about bracing themselves for the sugar chaos that’s just around the corner. Interestingly, years ago, I heard of a study that said sugar does NOT increase activity level near as much as we think. Much of the chaos is caused by the excitement of the event associated with the sugar (dressing up for Halloween, getting together with friends for a birthday party, for examples).

That being said, I know how horrible/irritable/cranky/headachy I feel after I’ve had too much sugar. Not the top of anyone’s invitation list.

However, Hallowe’en IS coming, so chances are, there will be sugar. Lots of it.

Below are some hints on reducing the aftereffect of the ‘white devil’ (the white stuff brings out the worse in me).

I love the spirit of Halloween and the energy that comes with it.
~Katharine McPhee

Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it's about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.
~Elvis Duran

Action Ideas
1. The right mindset, part 1.
Halloween is an entertaining time and candy is part of the celebration. As much as possible, focus on the novelty of the occasion and the joy of pretending and taking on another persona. Make it about more than the candy.

2. The right mindset, part 2.
If you are going to eat candy, pick something you like and take the time to enjoy it. Thoroughly enjoy it. The taste. The smell. The feel of it in your mouth. Guilt changes the chemistry of the body and has detrimental effects. In other words, practice and teach mindful eating.

3. Prior to the sugar binge, as much as excited bodies can handle, eat a meal with whole foods, focusing on lean protein, healthy fats and fiber. All three slow down the digestion of sugar.

4. If excitement/sugar gets too high, have a plan. For some, it might be a quiet place to go. For others, it might be an activity. The best activity is something that is an intense and short in duration full muscle/body engagement activity.

5. Some websites also had supplements that reduce the impact of sugar. My apologies, but I’ve been traveling a lot this fall and didn’t have time to check if the three items work. Don’t take my word for it, like with everything on the internet, verify for yourself.
Add cinnamon extract (250-500 mg/day)
Chromium (supplement or Brewer’s Yeast)
Alpha-lipoic Acid (ALA)

6. Have something soothing to help with regulating the body - hot'n'cold weighted animals. They can be cooled to balance an over-heated body, or the gel pack can be heated for relaxation. And, of course, the the weight can be useful for those who find weight helps to regulate a dysregulated body.

Enjoy the excitement leading up to the day, just in case the day is too much.



InnovAID Inc.

P.S. Most of you have probably heard of the Switch Witch as a way of reducing the amount of candy. If not check it out.

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