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Happy St. Urho’s Day! Let’s celebrate!

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Happy St. Urho’s Day! Let’s celebrate!

What a perfect way to honour St. Urho - spend quality time with your neighbours and family, each with a sharpened pitchfork and a keen eye for grasshoppers.
After you enjoy a successful day of hunting the hopping insects, everyone returns, imbibing in some fine Finnish wine.
The wine is especially flavourful because you know that the only reason you can enjoy it this year is because generations before you have sacrificed their March 16ths to reduce the grasshopper population. And in honour of future generations, you too have done your part to decrease the decimation of the grapevine in the hands (tarsus? Tarsuses? Tarsi?) of the grasshopper.
A toast to you!


Have a grape day today and every day!

May all of your troubles be as large as a single grasshopper and your joys at least as large as a Finnish vineyard. 

Action Ideas

I always laugh at the insanity of this tale – vineyards in Finland for as far at the eye can see, hunting grasshoppers with pitchforks, and mixing pitchforks and drinking wine (What could possibly go wrong with the last combo?). Until yesterday, I didn’t know if Finland had grasshoppers (Yes, they do). and thought there were no Finnish vineyards (Yes, there are). Who knew?
It is a silly holiday that adds lightheartedness to this time of year – the transition when most of us are done with winter, yet spring is still only teasing us.
To celebrate, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us.
I know a lot of companies give great deals to first time buyers. I like to do it the other way round.

If we are going to have a sale or special offering, it goes to you first. Often, that is as far as it goes because we are sold out before it goes public.
For something like our St. Urho’s Day celebration, we thought it would be fun to send lots of people a thank you and one person a $50 gift certificate.
Since I want to reward people who have either purchased from us or have a relationship with us through other means, like this newsletter or meeting us at a conference, only those who know who we are can enter

How will I know if you know us or are searching the net to win a contest?
Easy! You need to say something specific about InnovAID – it could be something that you've learned through the newsletter, a purchase you’ve made or an interaction you have had with us.
It could be one sentence or one paragraph.
It could be from something long ago or something recent.
It could be something serious or something funny.
It could be how we treated you or your experience with using one of our products.
Your first entry will get you a card and a scratch-n-sniff sticker package sent to your door as well an entry to our grand prize (the $50 gift certificate, just in case you are having a problem focusing today. I understand. It is a busy day – pitchforks to be sharpened, people to organize and wine to drink).
If you want to enter the grand prize more than once, please share lots of your InnovAID experiences with us. You can either number them in a single entry or send several entries. You can post below (leave at least your first name and the initial of your surname so we can 'hunt' you down (without pitchforks, I promise)), a comment on Facebook (the preferred method since I am still learning Facebook and this encourages me to check it frequently) or by sending an email.
The contest starts now, and is over at midnight on Monday, March 20th MDT.
To be transparent: I’m looking for a shortcut to gather client quotes for our new website. No worries on your wording. I’ll ask someone make sure that whatever you write is clear and concise, profound (or not) and grammatically correct. (My mom used to cringe at my spelling and grammar. It came so naturally to her and has always been a struggle for me. This contest is not meant to be a struggle so write away and let someone else worry about the details). You will be contacted if any revisions are made. 

To clarify: participating in the contest gives us the right to use your entries for marketing purposes, such as our website.

For regular readers of Take AIM, you know that St. Urho’s Day is a double contest day.

The above contest starts as soon as this goes out. 

The weighted lap pad contest ends at midnight tonight. 

We have received some excellent feedback already! Kiitos! Thanks!

In closing, have a great day today with friends and family, whether you are pitchfork stabbing, grasshopper hunting, wine drinking, sharing ideas about weighted lap pads, or sending us your experiences and thoughts about InnovAID.

Kiitos ja onnellinen metsästys! Thanks and happy hunting!

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S. Today only, you can enter both contests.

1. Our create a better lap pad is over tonight.

2. Our share your InnovAID experience(s) (described above) starts now and ends at midnight, Monday, March 20th.

    For your convenience, there are 3 ways to enter: 
    -Sharing below our website post (leave at least your first name and the initial of your surname so we can connect with you)
    -Commenting on Facebook, or by
    -Sending an email.

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