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Heavy duty activity is all around us

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Heavy duty activity is all around us

Do you have someone in your life who not only needs non-stop movement, that movement also needs to be heavy duty, as in HEAVY duty? How do you direct that energy without paying for classes or sports every free hour of every day?


Use what’s in the environment.

Parkour, or free-running, was first developed in the military as a way to traverse an obstacle course.

Want to get someone excited about it? Show them a few parkour videos. It looks exhilarating and dangerous (and it can be both). However, serious traceurs (French for ‘tracing a path’) work hard to not get hurt. By following a few basic guidelines, you can keep the exhilaration and reduce the injury – the exact same thing a serious traceur wants.

Obstacles are found everywhere, and in overcoming them we nourish ourselves.     
~David Belle

You don’t need any money to do Parkour, just a pair of good shoes and that’s all.
~David Belle

The best part of falling is getting back up again. 
~David Belle

One of the main points of the philosophy behind parkour is being able to help people. To teach them they way themselves, to gain confidence in themselves, building up from simple moves to more complex things, to teach them that they are worthwhile people.
~Chris Hayes

Action Ideas
1. Parkour is both a mindset and a physical movement. Start by understanding that the stunts that capture the attention are pro-stunts. There is lots of work to do before that stage.

2. Do the muscle building exercises everyday (push ups, squats, etc), and in theory, get to a certain level of fitness prior to starting the activity outside. I say “in theory” but let’s be serious, high energy kids are already doing parkour, on some level. All parkour does is channel that energy into doing the activity in a safer manner and allowing group connections to occur.

3. Because the environment is integral to parkour, a traceur becomes very aware of the environment - good strategy for all of us. Point out items in the environment that you normally wouldn’t notice.

4. Discuss a variety of of ways to traverse from point A to point B. People develop their own styles over time. Planning is part of the process.

5. It’s funny, while watching some of the videos, I thought, “If those people are running from the law, the police don’t stand a chance.” Yet, one article mentioned how parkour helped police (citation not given); “crime rate between youth ages 8-19 was reduced by 69% during the time they coached parkour”.

Social connections were also mentioned in numerous articles.

6. Learn how to fall/learn how to fail. No one is excellent at parkour first time out. The focus is on getting up (see quotes. There are bonus ones this week).

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Have an exhilarating week, even if, and especially if, it is your everyday life.

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S. Parkour focuses on getting from point A to B in an expedient way. I like that idea for problem solving.

One change you will notice with our new website is there will be more signature products – items that we develop and manufacture. If you have a problem that isn’t being solved and you think we might be able to help, let us know. Maybe we can ‘parkour’ the solution. The worse that will happen is that we’ll tell you we can’t help.

Low risk and high reward. Can’t ask for better than that.

Helpful websites from this article: The URL says it all Started from the military. Also has basic activities. The mindset behind parkour and a workout schedule to build the muscles needed to advance through the

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