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How to buy better suited fidgets

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How to buy better suited fidgets

Little Johnny or Joanie has trouble sitting still in school, in the car, and in the classroom.

You’ve heard about how hand fidgets can help regulate the body but there are so many different ones. How do you know which one to choose?

The list below might help.

I’ve never seen hand fidgets grouped this way, but categorizing the multitude of options might help you to make a successful next purchase. Before making a purchase, think about what the person has enjoyed in the past, and also what needs to be learned in the near future.

     Squeezing, like a small soft or squishy ball
     Pulling apart, like a heavy duty rubber band
     Twisting, like threading a nut unto a bolt
     Flicking the hand, as if there is something unwanted on the fingers.
     Fine motor movement, like moving a small marble
     Rubbing/tactile, like rubbing fingers over satin or soft fabric, or touching something rough.

But Fidgety Phil 
He won't sit still;
He wriggles
And giggles,
and then, I declare, 
Swings backwards and forwards,
And tilts up his chair. 
   ~Heinrich Hoffman

Action Ideas 
1. Watch the child/person when they don’t have a fidget item. What type of movement do they naturally do?

2. Is there something they are struggling to learn that would be supported by developing the movements used in one of the above actions?

3. Are there other activities that would encourage the above movements, like adding a sponge to bath time and have it squeezed? Or adding or removing lids from jars?

4. Anticipate when something will be needed and have it ready. For example, tape something smooth, rough or textured under the kitchen table to make meal times calmer.

5. Look for our new fidget items being released tomorrow! Don't worry, we'll send a reminder email. Until then, you can see what we have now.
Warning - some of the new items were a small-sample-purchase. If you see something you like, buy it right away. It might not be there if you take a chance and wait.

6. Our focus is to provide practical information to you every week. If you know of someone who would benefit from today’s newsletter, please forward this to them.

7. Is there a category of hand action that I missed? If I did, please share with me below and I will add it to the list. Now that the newsletters are permanently on the website, I can easily update the information so that anyone reading at a later date will have it all.
Thanks for your help in offering complete information in a minute or two of reading.

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