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How to WIN, even when things go wrong

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How to WIN, even when things go wrong

Before Christmas, I madly worked on changes to Take AIM and InnovAID for 2016 – new look, list of topics, features, and products.  I also blocked off after-holiday time to guarantee immediate implementation of some of these exciting ideas.


The planning board looked good and it felt great on December 24th when we closed for Christmas.


January 2, my first day back from holidays, was totally different than what it was supposed to be.


My plans had crashed and burned.


On December 31, my family and I celebrated New Year’s eve and the end of our wonderful vacation by attending a feast (the photo is from the buffet), and left with a bonus – food poisoning. 


Work deadlines evaporated along with the first week of 2016.


When my brain and body finally were strong enough, I returned to work. 


How disappointing! There wasn’t time to do it all that I wanted, or even half of it. Barely time to make any changes.


My plans failed totally. Or, putting a positive spin on it, I received completely unexpected outcomes.


It happens to all of us. And it feels lousy when plans don’t work out.


But we can WIN anyway. Actually, it is important to focus on the WIN.


WIN stands for What’s Important Now.  


A great question when faced with ‘unexpected outcomes’, aka failure.


As I write this, two things are important to me

1. To let you know, we have many new things planned for this year, things that you've been asking for and surprise ideas I think you will love, and

2. To share with you the fact that sometimes things don’t go as planned, aren’t perfect and sometimes may look far, far from perfect. But remember, ‘Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction’.


Perhaps this is the ‘perfect’ way to begin the New Year. We have new contests, new programs, new product ideas, and new co-operative ventures planned. Chances are, this imperfect newsletter is only one of my many imperfect offerings in 2016.


Belated Ukrainian Christmas, happy Ukrainian New Year!


Have a wonderfully imperfect day, week, month and year!



PS How do you pivot when your plans become irrelevant? Have you learned any lessons about failure/unexpected outcomes? I would love to hear what you do when your 'perfect plans' meet with a 'resistant reality'. Do you wait for perfection or do you take action?

And sometimes perfection isn't perfect. I took photos of the buffet because the food looked perfect. Sadly, they were beautiful but not perfect to eat.

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