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It’s funny you should mention that . . .

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It’s funny you should mention that . . .

Have you ever suffered from having two minds? Not in the sense of having two opinions about a topic but where one part of you was aware of and planning for something, yet another part of you kept forgetting about it.


That was me with Easter this year. I made the plans for the family dinner and then kept forgetting that Easter was early this year.  I forgot to send an Easter card to my brother in time for him to get it before Easter. Also forgot to wish you a happy Easter last week. 


Sometimes, I shake my head and laugh at myself. I can either laugh or cry.


Humour comes in many forms and life is easier when we recognize which forms come naturally to us so we can develop our unique sense of humour.


It was once thought that people on the autism spectrum did not have a sense of humour but that has been proven untrue.


First, because there are different forms of humour.  If I don’t share your type of humour, you might think I am humourless. The example that leaps to mind is sarcastic humour. Some people find it hilarious. I don’t. Being exposed to many types of humour would allow others and myself appreciate my style. Perhaps, watching monkeys interact is the funniest thing in my world.


Second, we attribute whether someone has a sense of humour or not by their outward expression. That is, the other person needs to react in a way that we think they should. It’s possible to think that I can thoroughly enjoy a word play or a visual comedy and not laugh. My mind could still ‘get’ the humour even if I didn’t physically display it (laughter, smiling).


Here is a clip of Brent Anderson, who has a literal visual style of thinking, the same style as many people on the autism spectrum. Listening to it made me more aware of how confusing I could be. For example, at the beginning of this article, I spoke of having ‘two minds’.



My wife is way funnier than I am. As much as I don't really feel I share a sense of humour with my family, I definitely share one with her - we find the same things funny. ~Steve Carell

The only way to survive is to have a sense of humour.  ~Bob Newhart


Action ideas

1. Review this list of types of humour and expand your exposure to different types of humour.


2. If you know someone who does not seem to react to humour watch them closely for more subtle cues. Laughter is not the only reaction to humour.


3. Humour can be expanded beyond visuals (for example, slapstick, monkeys playing) and word plays (for example, puns) to something auditory. There can be silly sounds. Check out our wide selection of Slide Whistle and our Wooden Whistle.


4. Every year, our two adult children have a very competitive Easter chocolate hunt. I laugh watching them trying to distract, out-psych and out-maneuver each other. 


When was the last time you laughed until your eyes started leaking or your stomach hurt? What is your favourite type of humour? How do you fill your humour bucket?   

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