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More gr8 ideas – from the woo-woo side of life!

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More gr8 ideas – from the woo-woo side of life!
Last week, I talked about ‘crossing the midline’, where a body part (often hand or foot) from the left (or right) side of the body crosses over to the right (or left) side of the body. One outcome of this might be the building of the corpus collosum which bridges the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain.
Or it could be that creating figure 8s helps to weave the various energy systems we have inside and outside our bodies.
One of the rabbit holes I followed when researching ‘crossing the midline’ was of connecting energy systems.

If you are one of those people who dismisses unscientifically proven ideas, I’m with you. Sort of.

I like science and try to back most of the ideas in my newsletters with science. However, I also think of Ignaz Semmelweis, who proposed doctors should wash their hands between patients (some of his colleagues went from autopsies to surgeries with nary a thought). He postulated there were living organisms too small to be seen which could harm our health. By way of thank you, others berated him mercilessly, he suffered a nervous breakdown, was committed, and died 2 weeks later after a beating by the guards.

But I digress. . .

My reason for sharing the following non-scientific info: First, I don’t think there’s any harm to try some of these things. Second, there is anecdotal evidence it’s helpful. Third, it can be done without touching the person – a huge bonus when someone is tactile sensitive or is in a meltdown. Fourth, trying it takes very little time to learn and apply. Fifth, there is no cost. Sixth, as I mentioned last week, if this interests/helps you and the world finds it a bit weird, then use it and become a bit weird and more wonderful, because, if it help you be a better you, that’s wonderful!

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.
~Tori Amos

Action Ideas
The basic idea as I understand it: There are many different types of energy systems and many levels to some of the systems. For example, acupuncture is supposed to release blockages so chi/life energy can flow. Reiki moves energy that exists around the body for the health and healing of the body.

Often these different systems influence/balance each other.

Since I believe our bodies are always trying to reduce further injury towards itself and/or heal itself, if we do something the body can use towards health, it will use it.
Today, I’m going to introduce the idea that figure 8s can help balance and regulate a person in a variety of ways. By the word ‘introduce’, I mean introduce the idea to you and me. I don’t use a lot of figure 8s in my life other than what I’ve written in the P.S. What I like about the examples below is their simplicity and the no-touch component.

1. Using your hands, make figure 8s in front of you, to the side, over your head, etc., make them large or small. If coordination is a problem, keep hands together so the stronger hand can guide the weaker hand. Here’s a sample video (1 minute).
2. Send the calming energy towards a person to help them regulate their energy by making figure 8s with your hands towards the other person (here we go on the woo-woo!). Sample video here. (1 minute).    
3. If someone has serious issues with crossing the midline, it could be, according to Donna Eden (sorry, I can’t find the article where she explains this so am not 100% certain I’m explaining it correctly), stress has caused our some-type-of-energy to run parallel instead of the desirable crisscross pattern. To change the pathways, we start by getting into the flow of energy. This is done by first doing a non-crossover activity, like touching the same-side hand to knee several times and then crossing to opposite knee more times than the same side. In the article, she said to go back and forth between the two but always end with the cross-over pattern. I think the participant was also supposed to increase the number of crossovers with each set. For simplicity and to use time well, like while in a car or watching TV, this linear/cross-over pattern could be engaged while seated. Here is a sample of a single set (1 minute). I assume, but have no idea if it’s true, instead of moving hands in a straight movement toward each knee, creating a figure 8 pattern would be even better (I’m trying to multi-task healing with no evidence for any of it. Haha)
4. Check out educational kinesiology/brain gym. When I looked at this video, I was amazed that I had seen many of the movements already when researching for parts 1 and 2 of this article, as well as in our January 23rd issue: A 'handy' way to increase regulation.
5. This one isn’t about figure 8s but does help with crossing the midline: the Wayne Cook posture is supposed to help with dyslexia as well as a number of other conditions.

It also has a modified version where a person stands with their arms and legs crossed. This video shows arms only.

Somewhere in my research for this, I also read that people sit with their legs or arms crossed are intuitively trying to balance their brain, and not always being defensive as the body language theory tells us. Also, some people, kids especially, will sleep with their legs or arms crossed for the same reason.
6. Warning! Be careful where you spend your time and money. Depending on which studies you read, your beliefs, your experience, and the fit of your needs with the modality, this could all be a complete waste of your time. My suggestion: if the activities intrigue you, try it with your clients, students, children, yourself and see if there are results. Everything here are all low-risk activities.

For example, reading the responses to this video on calming younger studentswith the simple technique of eye palming, whether or not energy is being sent to the eyes, it’s a useful technique. The technique, simply put, is to remove glasses if wearing them, rub palms together to warm the skin (and perhaps get energy flowing. Got to keep a bit of woo-woo in this article!), and cover eyes by resting the heel of you hand on your cheek bone, and fingers on the forehead (interlacing baby fingers to cross over). Eyes shouldn’t be touched. For comfort, bend head forward to rest on the hands, and upper arms rest on the chest.

For more techniques, scroll down to the very end of the newsletter for a link to a handout.
7. Of course, there are other ways to relax, like enjoying a weighted blanket the hour prior to sleep when watching TV or reading. We've soaked our 10 lb weighted blankets in magical calming juices and then sprinkle with sleep-inducing fairy dust just before shipping! And in case you aren't sure, yes, I'm kidding. Calming juices, as you well know, stains fabrics.🤣

If you are having a week of going one direction and then another, maybe it’s not a confusing week but a balancing one. 
Enjoy a balancing or balanced week, depending on what's happening.

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,
InnovAID Inc.

P.S. Full disclosure: I have an affinity towards doing Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine*.  I started to do it and I felt better. Not in any describable or measurable way but in a kinda/sorta way. After a couple of weeks, I let other things get in the way and stopped. After a few days, I realized something deep in me missed doing it and I have done the first half of the express version of it almost every day since then.
*If interested, search: Donna Eden DER. Once you understand it the movements, there is also an express version to save a bit of time (search: Donna Eden DER express). If the express version takes too much time, you can do what I do and only do the first half. They are supposed to be the most important ones.
Have you had interest in the unexplained/unscientific that worked for you? Or definitely NOT worked? If you have, let me know what it is and how it impacted you. This is an area of curiosity for me.

Websites for this article  Discussion of figure 8s and where to use them (longer article) of figure 8s and where to use them (shorter article) The 9 energy systems  Handout: Energy Techniques to Assist Highly Anxious Children


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