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My stroke of bad luck and your stroke of good luck (hint: it’s a sale!)

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My stroke of bad luck and your stroke of good luck (hint: it’s a sale!)

We have had a cool spring this year, but Saturday was a gift from the gods of summer. One beautiful hot day. Timing was perfect for me. I was meeting someone outside. It didn’t bother me a bit that they were held up and I had to wait in the sun for a long time, and then spent more time in the sun as we chatted.
I got home later that afternoon and wanting to make the most of of weather, worked in the yard.

A perfect day. Until it wasn’t. In the evening, I discovered had sun stroke. Something I have not had in 35+ years.

Be careful. I spend lots of time outside and was only outside for less than 90 minutes over the lunch hour, and again from about 4:30-6 p.m. And neither one was high exertion.

Please, be smarter than me and enjoy both the sun and the après sun.

Check out our P.S. for our biggest sale so far – your stroke of good luck, since it has not been made public yet.

It starts Thursday, May 3, at 8:00 a.m. MDT. (my apologies for the previous May 2 date. Payment issues delayed the start).

Some sunshine is good for the soul, but I always make sure I wear a big hat.
~Miranda Kerr (smart lady, I might add)

Action Ideas
(tips previously posted on June 21, 2017. Obviously, I needed reminding. Hopefully this reminder will prevent you from suffering my fate)

There are two types of heat exhaustion. The first is what we usually think about -Exertional Heat Stroke. It is when the person is physically active or is in an area that is too hot (sitting in a closed, non-running car). The body is unable to work hard enough for the body to cool down as quickly as needed.
The second, non-exertion heat stroke, is usually caused by medications that affects the body’s natural ways of reducing heat. Since some people with sensory processing disorders might physically react in a way that is similar to being on a medication (i.e. the normal cooling systems are subpar) or are on medications that affects heat regulation, even a warm day or slight activity can cause concern.   

Regardless of the reason, here is a list of steps to reduce the chance of overheating.
1. If possible, avoid outdoor activity during the heat of the day.
2. Be in the shade whenever possible.
3. Be and stay hydrated. This doesn’t just mean to grab a glass of water before heading out. It also means drinking while out and drinking long before you go out. One soccer-playing friend of mine noticed that she played better when she drank sufficient water the day before and morning of her evening soccer games. It takes time for the body to fully hydrate.
4. The best hydration for usual activity is water. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and sugar substitute drinks.
5. If doing high intensity activity for an hour or longer, other drinks may be needed to replace carbohydrates and minerals.
5. Wear lightweight and light coloured, breathable or wicking clothing.
6. Wear a hat, preferably with a brim and one that has airholes or some type of circulation of the crown.
7. Keep pulse points cool. It cools the blood which flows through the body. That includes: back of neck, wrists, inside elbows, inside knees, tops of feet, inside of ankle where ankle bone sticks out, inner thighs, close to temple and the area a bit in front of your ears.
8. Keep one of our Ultra Warming/Cooling Blankets or Ultra Warming/Cooling Shoulder Wraps in the freezer as a go-to soft and comfy way to help your body regulate on a warm summer day.
Note: Don't buy today. These will be on sale tomorrow morning!

Have a healthy, outdoorsy summer.

Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S. Organizing for the sale has kept us busy, quite apart from my payment brain-lapse.  I forgot, if something isn't listed on the website (and several items aren't), the normal way to calculate purchases and make payment won't work. 

Today, we'll sort out the payment issues. And who knows - maybe add a few more bits and bobs to the 9 page sales list! 

So far we have 2-4X the number of items for sale then I expected to have. I thought there would be 12-20 items. We now have 45 on the list and it might grow!


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