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Save time, tears and torture: Copy Steve, Mark, Matilda & Desirae.

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Save time, tears and torture: Copy Steve, Mark, Matilda & Desirae.

Steve Jobs is known for his black turtleneck.

Mark Zuckerberg for his hoodie.

Matilda Kahl, an art director for an ad agency, has her own uniform: a white silk top, black pants and a black leather tie (Dress Like Matilda Day pictured).

Tech worker, Desirae Odjick, wears a grey or white top and black skinny jeans.

Both Desirae and Matilda adopted a ‘uniform’ to save time and brain power. For both of them, deciding what to wear created stress and squandered some of their limited daily decision-making abilities.

There are other benefits as well.

But this idea isn’t for everyone.

I definitely wanted to reduce the amount of decisions I had to make about something that really specifically wasn't important to me.
~ Desirae Odjick
It turns out, however, that use of executive function—a talent we all rely on throughout the day—draws upon a single resource of limited capacity in the brain. When this resource is exhausted by one activity, our mental capacity may be severely hindered in another, seemingly unrelated activity.
~On Amir

Action Ideas 

  1. The main objective is to create a method to reduce stress and time in the morning by having limited options or a standard outfit that fits most situations, then adding items as needed, like a sweater on a colder day, or accessories if creativity or expression is wanted.

    2. If you have a child who has a very limited bandwidth for what he or she will tolerate, adopting this idea reduces the time, tears and torture mentioned in the subject line. Buy lots of the same or similar if that is what works best.

    3. For anyone who loves the creativity and self-expression of choosing new combinations every day, this method is not for you. However, it needn’t be an all or nothing proposition.

    4. For a short time, our daughter returned home. Everyday she always looked well put-together, yet everyday looked a bit different. When I asked her secret, she said, “Everything I have is a version of grey (mostly grey with some black and white). Everything I have goes with everything else.” I had not noticed her limited colour palate.

    Another example: A lady I used to see frequently, also looked very put-together. Her secret: she loved purple. All of her clothes either had deep purple or went with deep purple (mostly whites and black, if memory serves me). I wish the concept had clicked with me back then. The hours of frustration I could’ve saved myself!***

    5.When Desirae shared with a co-worker she had been wearing the same combo for over 18 months, he refused to believe her. People really don’t notice what we wear as much as we think. . .

    6. . . . Except when they do.

    I wrote this for people who find decision-making a struggle or who love to wear the same outfit everyday. It’s safe to say this newsletter isn’t a fashion blog. The real world is trickier than a single rule that would apply to all.Here is a link about what happened when a female TV anchor wore the same top twice in four months.

    7. However, this newsletter can apply to most of us, even for our work world.  

    A few years ago, I took a business class. One of the modules was about being more productive, as well as being able to travel more easily by limiting wardrobe colour. Matilda Kahl was given as an extreme example. The instructor said he limited most of his clothing to blues and white. At one point, he lived out of his suitcase for three months, traveling to several countries, needing a range of clothing from business to fun, and was only able to take what would fit into a regular suitcase. He did it.

    If you are like me and find clothing-related decisions frustrating, try one of our calming Ultra Shoulder Wrapsor our Ultra Warming/Cooling Blankets.
    Have a relaxing, decision-making-empowered week!

    Providing calmness & comfort, learning & laughter,

InnovAID Inc.

P.S.***As I write this newsletter, I realize that I missed the mark on about half my Black Friday clothing purchases. Uggg. Is anyone else out there a slow learner?
(Or maybe I’ll call myself a continuous learner, but some of the learning seems to be happening at infinitesimally small increments.)

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