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Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada. Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada.
Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb - InnovAID

Weighted Blanket-Full Length-15 & 20 lb



  • Have trouble falling asleep.
  • Have difficulty staying asleep.
  • Are restless sleepers.
  • Fall asleep easily and stay asleep but are tired in the morning and throughout the day (aren’t getting quality sleep).
  • May have Sensory Process Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Are overwhelmed by sensations in their environment. 
  • Find weight allows them to relax or centre their thoughts.
  • Have poor body awareness.


  • This generously-sized weighted blanket allows you to toss and turn at night while remaining under its relaxing weight.
  • This blanket it not only good for the obvious time (nighttime) but can also be useful prior to bed, such as when watching TV or during story time, to prepare the body for sleep.
  • The blanket consists of two pieces – the removeable cover and the insert, which comes in two weights: one to create a 15 lb and one to create a 20 lb blanket.
  • The cover has fleece on one side and twill or denim on the other. Or minky both sides (the minky cover weighs slightly less). 
  • Even distribution of weight provides better proprioceptive feedback throughout the body. 
  • A weighted blanket should not hang over a bed too much or it could easily fall off the bed.
  • Fold in half or quarters and put on legs or body, or body and arms, for people who like lots of weight on only parts of the body.
  • Can purchase your own fabric or request a cover fabric that suits your needs (at an additional charge).
  • Check out a better way to knot a bowto keep the cover and insert together. DO NOT double knot.
  • When handling the weighted blanket, DO NOT PULL JUST THE COVER.  Pull the entire cover and insert.  If only the cover is pulled, the ties attaching the cover to the insert my tear.
  • There are two ways to put the cover and insert together: the burrito method and the pull inside-out method. Scroll down to Product Care for instructions.
  • Should be under the direction of a trained professional such as an occupational therapist.
  • Appropriate weight must be considered.
  • Head and neck must be free at all times.
  • Person must possess sufficient cognitive and physical capabilities to be able to remove blanket at any time.
  • People with neurological deficits are at greater risk for temperature regulation impairments and should be monitored carefully.
  • If it is too hot (especially in summer) try an air conditioner, putting cold water in a hot water bottle, or placing the blanket on only part of the body.
  • Adult supervision is suggested.


Cover Options:

  • floral fleece and indigo denim
  • football fleece and indigo denim
  • pink minky both sides
  • purple & pink plaid fleece and indigo denim 

Cover: 100% polyester fleece on one side and 100% cotton denim or twill on other side. Or 100% polyester minky on both sides.

Waterproof Insert (15 lb only available): Medical-grade vinyl exterior for easy cleaning. Wool twill interior.

Non-Waterproof Insert (15 and 20 lb): 100% cotton exterior. Wool twill interior.

Quieter than waterproof but not recommended for incontinence.

Proudly made in Canada. 


  • Regular weight - approx 7 g / 15-16 lb with cover. $306.99  
  • Plus weight - approx 9 kg / 20 lb with cover. Waterproof insert.  $344.99
  • Cover alone - approx 1350-2300 g / 3-5 lb, depending on the fabric. Fleece or minky on one side. Denim or twill on the other side. $109.99
  • Custom made cover - call for more information.  Depending on the fabric you purchase, labour cost to sew cover, about $74.99.



To attach cover to insert 

There are two ways to put the insert and cover together.

A) The burrito method (google: duvet burrito)

  1. Lay cover flat on bed, inside out, with the side you want to be at the top against the bed.Have zipper completely open.
  2. Put insert on top.
  3. Tie 5 of the ties using a single knot.Leave the 3 ties closest to the zipper undone.
  4. Roll up (like a burrito), starting at the end farthest from the zipper. It will end up looking like a burrito or a sausage.
  5. At one end of the open zipper, reach into open cover and pull the cover over the burrito (it is still rolled up). Repeat at other end of the open zipper.
  6. Tie the 3 remaining ties, flatten that end of the blanket and close zipper.
  7. Unroll the burrito.

B) The pull inside-out method
  1. To put the two pieces together, place the insert on a large flat surface such as a bed or table.Place the inside-out cover over the insert so the ties match.
  2. Tie all the ties using a single knot except the centre knot on the zipper end.
  3. Putting your hands inside the cover opening, grab the insert and cover of the two far corners (one corner in each hand) and pull right side out.Shake to complete the process, holding both the cover and insert.
  4. Tie the last tie.
  5. Close zipper.

Care of Removable Cover

  • To wash:  Untie interior ties and remove insert. Machine wash cover on gentle cycle or hand wash using detergent. Use warm or cold water to maintain colour brightness.
  • Do not use bleach or excessively hot water.
  • To dry:  Lay flat to dry or tumble dry in dryer on low heat. To prevent wrinkling, remove from dryer when slightly damp.
  • Do not iron, press, or dry clean.

Care of Water-Proof Insert

Water-resistant vinyl covering a wool blend interior.

To wash:  Untie interior ties and remove insert.  Waterproof (vinyl covered) insert can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.

To dry:  Wipe with dry cloth or air dry.

Care of Cotton Cover Insert

To wash:  Untie interior ties and remove insert.  Suggested to only spot wash or to take to a facility that cleans sports equipment like hockey equipment with bacteria killing gas. This method will not remove stains but will sanitize the blanket.