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Vest Size and Weight Info

The child’s chest measurement is used to determine vest size category (small, medium, or large). The vest size is then used for pricing and to calculate how much weight will automatically be included with the vest. The standard amount of weight associated with each size is not a recommendation. The appropriate weights are determined by a sensory trained professional. The heaviness of the weights can be changed at no extra charge.

Each vest includes 12 weights (4 J- shaped neck weights and 8 rectangular body weights).

Chest Measurement
Vest Size
Number of 
per Weight
Total Grams/lb. per Vest
48 to 61 cm/19 to 24 in.
55 g / 2 oz.
660 g / 1.5 lb.
62 to 71 cm/24.5 to 28 in
115 g / 4 oz.
1380 g / 3 lb.
72 to 84 cm/28.5 to 33 in
225 g / 8 oz.
2700 g / 6 lb.

* 16 oz. = 1 lb. 

The total weight or individual weights can be changed to suit the child.
For example: A client orders a vest for a child with a chest measurement of 66 cm / 26 inches. For a standard order, the vest would fall into the medium-sized category and would include 12 – 115 g / 4 oz. weights. But this customer requests 4 neck weights of 115 g / 4 oz. each and 8 body weights of 55 g / 2 oz. each. This change can be accommodated.

Please make note of any requested changes when ordering. If no change is noted, the weight chart will be followed.