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Bat Board - InnovAID

Bat Board


***Photo is not accurate. Batboard is black, has hole at front for string and 'bat curves' at tail end***

  • Need movement, especially large muscle movement, to focus, to feel settled, and/or to relax, but must remain quiet while moving.
  • Want gentle exercise while standing, including at a standing desk.
  • Want more intense movement? Use the Bat Board while doing upper body work.
  • Enjoy spinning (especially while seated on the Bat Board).
  • Want to improve balance, core strength and gross motor skills.
  • Want to do gentle, rhythmic movement while watching TV. 



  • Check this out for fun things you can do on a Freestyle Spooner (a cousin to the Bat Board but you can do more with a Bat Board because you can add a cord handle). 
  • Here is an instructional video, if you want a better look at the basics. 
  • Want to try something different? It can also be used to go down hills of snow, grass or sand.
  • Quiet and portable.
  • Maximum weight – 50,000 lb!
  • ON SALE - Get a Bat Board for the same as a spooner - only $49.99! Regular $54.99.
  • Was designed to learn basic skateboard moves indoors (various movements explained on packaging).
  • Optional cord handle (not included) allows more control to ride the Bat Board going down a hill or to provide stability.
  • Set up Batboard mats (small mats or pieces of carpet) at the back of the classroom. The activity will be quiet and confined to a small area.
  • For an intense workout, create an obstacle course.
  • Use it like a mini-merry-go-round.
  • Can be unpredictable on smooth surfaces such as hardwood. Start on carpet until you get the feel of it.
  • Black plastic.
  •  Limited number available.
  • Size 57 x 29 cm/22.5 x 11.5 inches



  • Very durable. Will not wear out with regular use.

  • Cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth. Air dry.