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Vibrating Cuff - InnovAID

Vibrating Cuff



  • Have sensory issues and find vibration relaxing or stimulating.
  • Want to be able to feel vibration while moving.
  • Might be especially useful prior to, during or after a stressful time, such as waiting for an appointment, going to the dentist or getting a haircut.
  • Need sensory input to increase body awareness.
  • Have difficulty sitting in one place, finishing a task, focusing, or have tactile sensitivities.
  • Have a difficult time waking up in the morning and/or staying alert during the day.



  • Depending on limb size, could also be used on a child’s legs.
  • Has three speeds: click once for high speed, twice for a slower speed, three times for the slowest speed and four times to shut off.
  • Back of cuff is black elastic.
  • Put around in hands prior to handwriting activities where grip is too tight or too weak due to poor sensory feedback.
  • Place on top of other body parts.
  • Buy a pair at the reduced price of $16.99.
  • Choking hazard, contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Note, as with most vibrating items, there is a sound that could be distracting to others.
  • Size: When laid flat - 13 cm / 5" across x 9 cm/3.5 in.  Minimum circumference to stay in place: 23 cm/9 in.
  • Requires two AAA batteries, not included.


  • Not waterproof – do not wet vibrating cuff or use it in the bath or shower.  Use under dry conditions only.
  • To wash:  Surface clean with damp cloth. Vibrating Band is NOT machine washable due to battery operation.
  • To dry:  Air dry.