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    Innovative aids for people with special needs

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      Why Choose InnovAID?

      Why Choose InnovAID?

      At InnovAID, we provide aids to make life easier and more enjoyable . While our products are especially designed to fit children of all ages, we can create products to fit special challenges of adults as well.

      Many of our products help people who have sensory concerns, such as autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

      In addition to our standard products, we can customize many of our products to suit your unique needs. Have a special concern? We may be able to create a product that addresses your specific needs..


      J. Rogers / Sherwood Park, AB / 8 yr old daughter with ADHD

      "My daughter loves her new blanket. It is definitely helping her to settle at night and is not up or rustling around 1/2 as much as she used to. In fact, she rarely get up after the lights go out. The flat snake is also a hit. She absolutely loves her warm snake while she is reading before lights out"

      Cheryl W. / Alberta / Occupational Therapist

      “I have been an InnovAID customer for a number of years. InnovAID offers flexible, friendly service. If I need an item customized or adapted, or on short notice, I know InnovAID will try to do it. If they can’t, they let me know in a timely manner and give me helpful suggestions of what can be done. I enjoy working with InnovAID and do recommend their services!”

      Juliette C. / Alberta / Teacher

      “Awesome Canadian company with awesome products! As a teacher of special needs kids, anything we buy needs to be very durable. InnovAID’s products are durable and well designed. Their weighted vest can be worn with the zipper to the front or the zipper to the back. I have needed to use it both ways. It’s hard to find a vest that is so flexible. Not only that, the denim looks good – not therapeutic. Looks good, wears well and knowledgeably designed – I’m very happy -what more could a person want? “

      Our blog – Take AIM (Take An InnovAID Moment)

      • December 19, 2018 Be ‘selfish’ so those around you can be happier.
        Be ‘selfish’ so those around you can be happier. Interviewer Tom Bilyeu asked David Eagleman for insights on how he and his wife parent their children. Since the Eaglemans aren’t parenting experts, you might wonder why he would ask the question.
        Both Eaglemans are neuroscientists, so are well aware of how the brain works and its connection with behaviour.
        His response was not what I expected.
      • December 12, 2018 House prices & lap pads.
        House prices & lap pads. If you’ve ever bought property, or even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard the quote, “There are three things to consider when buying property: location, location, location.” Which means: although we can change what is on a piece of property, where that piece of land is located, because that can’t be changed, is most important.
        Which explains the reason behind using a lap pad.  
        Weighted lap pads are useful for deep pressure to stimulate proprioceptors found in muscles. Once the receptors are stimulated, it helps a dysregulated body by providing calming input. To paraphrase Temple Grandin, based on my memory, a light touch excites the nervous system and deep touch calms and grounds it.
        Let’s calmly continue to look at lap pads and proprioception.
      • December 05, 2018 Going deeper into a nervy subject
        Going deeper into a nervy subject A couple of weeks ago, I spoke about the vagus nerve. It’s the largest cranial nerve and transmits both sensory and motor information between the brain and body.
        Some of the information it transmits has been gathered by proprioceptive receptors, located in muscles, tendons, joints, the inner ears and on the skin (the last two weren’t consistently mentioned as receptor locations).
        Most of you who are reading this have heard of proprioception before. It’s the internal ability to sense the location of your body in space. For example, even if your eyes are closed, you can still bend your outstretched arms and touch your nose.

      • November 28, 2018 Let me think. Then I'll decide how I'm feeling.
        Let me think. Then I'll decide how I'm feeling. Have you ever experienced a pounding heart, sweaty palms, brain freeze, and maybe dizziness? When did you experience it? Was it when you were excited? Or when you were anxious?
        It could’ve been in either case, because our physical symptoms of anxiety and excitement are very similar.
        So, how do we know if we are experiences excitement or anxiety? It’s about which of the possible outcomes we focus on. If we are thinking something will be pleasurable, then we are excited. If we think it will be unpleasant, then we are anxious.
        The interesting part of the excitement/anxiety option is just that. In many ways, which emotion we feel is a choice we make. If we consciously take steps to lean one way or the other, over time, we will more commonly react to situations with that leaning.