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    Looking for deals for people with sensory issues or on the autism spectrum? We have durable, tested, well-priced products. Weighted and pressure products to help with sleep and regualtion.


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      Children with sensory issues or autism are wearing standard and custom weighted vest while reading. The one child also has a weighted stuffy. Weight can help some people to feel more in control.


      Well-designed, durable sensory products for you to love for years.

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      Why Choose InnovAID?

      Why Choose InnovAID?

      At InnovAID, we provide aids to make life easier and more enjoyable . While our products are especially designed to fit children of all ages, we can create products to fit special challenges of adults as well.

      Many of our products help people who have sensory concerns, such as autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

      In addition to our standard products, we can customize many of our products to suit your unique needs. Have a special concern? We may be able to create a product that addresses your specific needs..


      J. Rogers / Sherwood Park, AB / 8 yr old daughter with ADHD

      "My daughter loves her new blanket. It is definitely helping her to settle at night and is not up or rustling around 1/2 as much as she used to. In fact, she rarely get up after the lights go out. The flat snake is also a hit. She absolutely loves her warm snake while she is reading before lights out"

      Cheryl W. / Alberta / Occupational Therapist

      “I have been an InnovAID customer for a number of years. InnovAID offers flexible, friendly service. If I need an item customized or adapted, or on short notice, I know InnovAID will try to do it. If they can’t, they let me know in a timely manner and give me helpful suggestions of what can be done. I enjoy working with InnovAID and do recommend their services!”

      Juliette C. / Alberta / Teacher

      “Awesome Canadian company with awesome products! As a teacher of special needs kids, anything we buy needs to be very durable. InnovAID’s products are durable and well designed. Their weighted vest can be worn with the zipper to the front or the zipper to the back. I have needed to use it both ways. It’s hard to find a vest that is so flexible. Not only that, the denim looks good – not therapeutic. Looks good, wears well and knowledgeably designed – I’m very happy -what more could a person want? “

      Our blog – Take AIM (Take An InnovAID Moment)

      • May 02, 2021 Buy more / save more sale

        Looking for great deals! You're looking in the right place.

        Read on to see our loooooong list of discontinued items.

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        ‘Waving’ away some brain issues. Pt 2 In the first issue of the series, we explained what brain waves are and the basics of what a specific brain wave number means.

        In this issue, we look at what happens when we get stuck at a certain level and what we can do to alter our brain wave pattern.
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        ‘Waving’ away some brain issues. Pt 1 I'm guessing you've heard of an EEG and how it tests something going on in your brain. But do you really know what it's measuring and what the info can tell you, even if there isn't anything wrong? This is part 1: the basics of brainwaves.
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        Do we REALLY want to boost our immunity? Part 2 Part 2 in a 2-part series, we list some of the lesser known factors in balancing our immune systems. Maybe something will leap off the screen for you to investigate further. If not, at least you'll have a better idea of how many ways we can support or challenge our oft-unappreciated immune system.
      • September 17, 2020 Do we REALLY want to boost our immunity? Part 1
        Do we REALLY want to boost our immunity? Part 1

        Part 1 in a 2-part series, we explain why there’s so much confusion about what we can do to get healthy and we offer some tips how to improve our health. For anyone on the autism spectrum (ASD), this is especially important as many on the spectrum have a compromised immune system.

      • September 03, 2020 10 tips on building a growth mindset
        10 tips on building a growth mindset Our brains have the capacity to grow and change, but only if we believe they can. Once we have a growth mindset, then our interpretation of events will lead to brain-building activities and thoughts.

        Check out some ways to support the growth mindset in classrooms (and everywhere else).
      • August 31, 2020 Is natural ability a bad thing?
        Is natural ability a bad thing?

        No one wants to feel like a failure but that feeling will be inevitable if the focus is only on goal attainment. There’s a better way to look at challenges, goals, and how to learn new skills.

      • August 19, 2020 Reducing auditory meltdowns
        Reducing auditory meltdowns

        Auditory issues are common with those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Frequently, many people with autism have SPD. Auditory issues restricts locations and activities. But even without professional support, there are nudges that can help move someone towards being able to handle the sound better or notice the warning signs so a meltdown is prevented.


      • August 05, 2020 The differences between a tantrum and a meltdown
        The differences between a tantrum and a meltdown Anyone with a child who is on the autism spectrum or who has sensory processing disorder will tell you, a meltdown is not a tantrum, regardless of what Great Aunty Sue tells you. The root cause is different. Read on to read that and other differences.
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        Wide open for health in general (& covid?) Part 2

        Wrapping up our 2-part series on the oral microbiome, this week we look at how our microbiome might protect us from Covid-19, and how we can support our oral microbiome so it can support our health in general.