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About Us

Welcome! Nice to see you. So, you want to know a bit more about InnovAID.

Here are the basic bits about InnovAID:

We serve people with special needs, focusing mostly on those with sensory issues. However, since we are all sensory beings, even those not labeled with special needs often find our products useful. Which leads us to the next point.

The most common way we help people is to increase calmness by helping the body to regulate and/or relax.

Many of our products have been designed in-house based on a need that wasn’t being addressed (a shout-out to those of you who have made suggestions, tested, and given feedback so we can create great products, and continuously improve them).

We’ve been in business for over a decade (thankfully, not personally aging a minute in that time 😉).

Here are the basic bits about Diane, the founder of InnovAID:

For almost my entire life, because of a special needs brother, I have been aware of, and exposed to, different types of special needs and how it affects not just the individual, but also all those around that person. The associated joys, inconveniences, and sometimes the pain is part of who I am, and therefore, part of InnovAID. 

I’d say I’m creative, but not in the artsy and certainly not in the musical sense. My creativity muscles come alive in problem solving. Especially when presented with a problem that needs solving. That’s how some of our products came into being.   My interests include psychology and its cousin, sociology, personal growth and self development, and funny things. I’m impressed by and enjoy stand up comedians and live theatre.   In the dog and cat debate, I’m all the way dog. Possibly because I enjoy being outdoors.

Tea is what fuels me. I feel it as a pondering, mind-wandering, sipping drink. I have a few food sensitivities and am grateful tea is not one of them.

We're’re waiting to calm any queries or concerns you have:

  • Any company questions, we probably know off the top of our head and can email back quickly.
  • Any forced choice questions, such as dog vs cat or tea vs. coffee, we’ll flip a rare magic penny and relay its wisdom. 
  • Anything deeper and you are really playing fast and loose. The response might be dependent on whatever lyrics are rattling around in our brains.
If your paths ever cross, Diane will even buy you a cup of tea. Or, because tea has made her a kind and generous person, she can also handle splurging for a cup of coffee, if you insist and your tastes run dark (roasted). 

    Want to know more about Diane, InnovAID, and sensory issues?

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