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Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada. Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada.


Weighted Vest - Standard - InnovAID

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My Peeps Fidget Clear Out Sale

My Peeps Fidget Clear Out Sale

Hey InnovAID Peeps,

Big thanks for sticking with me and being a part of my newsletter gang. As a high five back to you, I've got a sweet deal lined up.

  1. How does 43% off on a bunch of our stuff sound? Yeah, I thought you might like that!

  2. Keep in mind, your cart needs to hit the $25 mark before the discount kicks in. With these deals, that won't be hard to do. If you are in a school, buy now and be ready for September. If you're a parent, you know the odd boredom surprise keeps sanity for all.

  3. Got a fave colour or style of a specific fidget? Let me know in the comment box when you check out. Not all options are listed separately so let me know if you have a preference. I'll do my best to accommodate. If it's been sold out, I'll contact you for a second option.

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Come join the party. Shop more, save more!

Happy, happy summer!

Fidget Belt - InnovAID


Relaxation & Sleep

Relaxation & Sleep

Weighted Vest - Standard - InnovAID


Wrap-About Wheelchair Blanket for Children & Adults - InnovAID