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Weighted Blanket - Full Length-10 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket - Full Length-10 lb - InnovAID
Weighted Blanket - Full Length-10 lb - InnovAID

Weighted Blanket - Full Length-10 lb


Weighted Blanket- Full Length-10 lb

This one-piece, lighter weight, full-sized weighted blanket (we call it the uniblanket to avoid confusion with our other weighted blankets) helps produce a long, deep restful sleep for those who have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or getting a quality sleep.


Have trouble falling asleep.

Have difficulty staying asleep.

Are restless sleepers.

Fall asleep easily and stay asleep but are tired in the morning and throughout the day (aren’t getting quality sleep).

Are overwhelmed by sensations in their environment. 

Find weight allows them to relax or centre their thoughts.

Have poor body awareness.   


  • This blanket it not only good for night time but can also be useful prior to bed, such as when watching TV or during story time, to prepare the body for sleep.
  • Fold in half or quarters and put on legs or body, or body and arms, for people who like lots of weight on only parts of the body.
  • Even distribution of weight provides better proprioceptive feedback throughout the body. 
  • A weighted blanket should not hang over a bed too much or it could easily fall off the bed.
  • Either minky both sides, or fleece/minky on one side, twill/denim on the other. 
  • This blanket is one piece. We call it the uniblanket to avoid confusion with our heavier two-piece blanket. 
    Not recommended for anyone with incontinence issues.  
  • Should be under the direction of a trained professional such as an occupational therapist.
  • Appropriate weight must be considered.
  • Head and neck must be free at all times.
  • Person must possess sufficient cognitive and physical capabilities to be able to remove blanket at any time.
  • People with neurological deficits are at greater risk for temperature regulation impairments and should be monitored carefully.
  • If it is too hot (especially in summer) try an air conditioner, putting cold water in a hot water bottle, or placing the blanket on only part of the body.
  • Adult supervision is suggested.

Size:  145 x 214 cm / 58 x 84 in

Weight: approx 4500-5000 g / 10-11 lb

Exterior: Depending on the style:

     100% polyester for fleece or minky.

     100% cotton for denim.

     100% cotton or poly/cotton twill, depending on colour.

Interior: 100% cotton (fleece twill exterior) or wool twill (minky or minky/twill exterior)

Proudly made in Canada 


  • These are very durable but always check regularly for wear.
  • To wash:  Machine wash in a high capacity, front loading machine or agitatorless top loading, using a regular amount of pre-mixed detergent. If soap-sensitve, rinse twice.  Use warm or cold water to maintain colour brightness.
  • If the blanket does not fit easily into the tub of your machine, it should be cleaned at a laundromat in a high capacity machine.
  • Do not use bleach or excessively hot water.
  • To dry:  Tumble dry in dryer. The blanket will form a ball when in the dryer, reducing the likelihood of drying.  Several times during the drying cycle, take blanket out, shake and replace in dryer.  If possible, even after it feels dry to touch, allow to air dry over the bed, a railing, or chairs to ensure complete drying.
  • Do not iron, press, or dry clean.


Take to a facility that cleans sports equipment like hockey equipment with bacteria-killing gas. This method will not remove stains but will sanitize the blanket.

Some people have found it easier to put inside a duvet cover and only wash the cover.