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Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada. Free Shipping if you order only $300 or more! Only available in Canada.

Discounts and Trial Use of Products


All Canadian orders of $300 or more (before GST) will receive free shipping and handling.
All Canadian orders of $1000 or more (before GST) will receive, in addition to the free shipping and handling, a 5% discount.
Special arrangements can be made to pick up the order.
If the picked-up order is over $300 (before GST), a 10% discount will be applied.
If the picked-up order is over $1000 (before GST), a further 5% discount will be applied to the above subtotal.

How to take advantage of our sales, when we do have one.
Our philosophy is to keep prices constant – no inflated prices to create room for deep discounts. We do sometimes (but not frequently) clear out old stock or have a prototype or introductory sale. The best way to participate in one of our special deals is to receive our short newsletter, Take AIM (Take An InnovAID Moment). Any specials we have are listed there. Some specials are only for people who read Take AIM via a coupon code listed there. Sign up here if you are interested.

Trial Use of Products

Organizations, Institutions, Professionals
Since its birth, InnovAID has allowed people to trial our signature products (i.e. ones that InnovAID has manufactured, such as weighted blankets, weighted vests and pressure vests). This unique opportunity was originally devised to help organizations who needed to prove a product would work prior to purchasing the product (how the heck do you do that – prove something works before being allowed to buy it?). Since that was an impossible request, we initiated the 28 day trial program. This program will continue for organizations, institutions and professionals.
For organizations and institutions which usually pay through invoice, the payment due date will be delayed during the trial process. If the product is returned in like-new condition prior to the due date listed on the invoice, no payment is needed. If the item has not been returned by the due date listed, payment is due immediately. A request for a trial use of any product will be determined and approved by InnovAID at the time of order and will end approximately 28 calendar days from date of mailing as shown on the invoice. InnovAID does not reimburse the cost to return a trial product.


Previously, we extended the free trial to individual but there have been time consuming issues in collecting fees or the products. We now have doubled our return policy to 60 days, with an optional one-question asked policy. The one question will be reason for return, and if it is something about the blanket we can improve, then that is useful information.

If the product is not useful, then please return in like-new condition for a full refund minus your return postage costs (i.e. there will be a full return of the initial payment but the cost of returning the item will not be reimbursed). This does NOT apply to oral products, which can only be returned if the product is defective.
If at any time (not just the 60 days) a product is found defective because of poor construction or poor-quality materials, contact us to arrange for product repair or return.