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Just for attendees to RE-THINKING WHAT WE KNOW

Welcome to InnovAID!

Two important sections for you on this page: SALE and SLEEP! 

===> SALE <===

I always look forward to meeting people face to face at the annual CASE conference. As with so many things this year, that's not happening.

To make the conference more special, we're doing something that we've never done before - 15% off almost everything! Only lap pads have been excluded (we are waiting for more to arrive).

Even our signature products are on sale!

Most of them never, ever go on sale. We have our own pressure vests, fidget belts, weighted vests, weighted travel blanketsweighted 10 lb blankets, weighted 15 lb blankets on sale! 

This sale is only available from January 22nd until January 26th at midnight MST.

Please enter RETHINK to receive the discount. 


===> SLEEP! <=== 

The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to. ~ F. School Fitzgerald

As you probably know first-hand, approximately 80% of people on the autism spectrum have difficulty sleeping. And when a child doesn’t sleep, neither do the adults.

I’ve been fascinated with sleep for years and am now doing something about it - developing a sleep program that starts with action-based solutions for immediate implementation, with the option of taking the time later to understand the reasoning and/or the research behind it the actions.

The program has been started and now needs input by people who work with those with sensory or autistic tendencies, the parents of children with sensory issues or autism, and those on the spectrum or who have Sensory Processing Disorder.

Join me on creating a sleep-improvement journey. 

What you get: organized, summarized sleep information and the opportunity to offer real-world suggestions on making the program as easy to implement and as useful as possible.

The cost: your honest feedback. So far, the feedback has been invaluable.  

Please email me ( with Sleep Project Feedback in the subject line. Nothing needs to be in the email. I'll know from the subject line to add you to my Sleep List (Sorry but you'll have to cut and paste. I can't link to an email in this program 🙁). 

I look forward to hearing from you.