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Ultra Shoulder Wrap



  • Find pressure and tactile input around neck and shoulders facilitate relaxation and/or attention and focus.
  • Are energized by short relaxation breaks.
  • Are overwhelmed by sensations in their environment.
  • Have poor body awareness.
  • Have difficulty focusing unless experiencing physical input.


  • Variety of upper side colours.
  • Bottom side is black plush.
  • Heat can help prepare the body for sleep. 
  • Aromatherapy is optional. Add essential oils if desired.
  • Place in the freezer to keep cold.  Use first thing in the morning to alert the body and mind, for example, while having breakfast.
  • Place on lap to use as a lap pad.
  • Dimensions:  46 x 36 cm / 18 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 1710 g / 3 lb 12 oz
  • Exterior: 100% polyester
  • Heat pack contains: milled rice.
  • Proudly made in Canada


Instructions for Temperature Regulation

  • To heat: Fold in two.  Place on clean plate or clean microwave. Warm in microwave - 2-3 minutes.  Shake to distribute heat.  
  • Do not overheat. If overheated, let cool prior to using.
  • To cool:  Place in plastic bag.  Put in freezer or refrigerator until desired temperature is reached or a minimum of two hours.




  • The Ultra Shoulder Wrap is not washable.
  • To clean:  Surface wash with a damp cloth using cold water and mild soap.
  • To dry:  Air dry and gently brush to restore plush. 

Heat pack

  • Do not wash.