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Free Shipping if you order only $400 or more! Only available in Canada. Free Shipping if you order only $400 or more! Only available in Canada.
Weighted Vest - Custom - InnovAID
Weighted Vest - Custom - InnovAID
Weighted Vest - Custom - InnovAID
Weighted Vest - Custom - InnovAID
Weighted Vest - Custom - InnovAID

Weighted Vest - Custom



  • Here is the order form for a custom-made vest.
  • Base price is determined by chest size. Scroll down for the SIZE RANGE CHART for pricing.
  • FabricDenim and twill are good fabric options but if softness is needed, a layer of fleece could be added on the interior or exterior of the vest.

  • Choose your own colour. Ask about any other details: we may be able to easily accommodate you.
  • Not only can the size and the fabric be altered, design details such as removal of some of the pockets or the addition of an applique can be accommodated.
  • The vest has 12 pockets for weights – 4 along the neckline, 4 along the chest, and 4 along the hemline. 
  • Price includes 12 weights – usually 4 - J-shaped neckline and 8 rectangular body weights.
  • Each pocket closes with hook and loop tape so the weights stay in the pocket.
  • The neckline pockets are especially effective for some people.
  • Vests should only be worn under the direction of a trained professional such as an occupational therapist.
  • The vest is often most effective when removed and put on again for short period of time so habituation does not occur.
  • The vest should not be worn by anyone else other than the person the occupational therapist has advised should wear it.
  • There is debate on the weight that is recommended. The general rule for suggested maximum is 10% of body weight.
  • Vest should not be so loose that the weights hit the body with body movement.
  • Shoulder straps will not fall off shoulders.
  • Children with neurological deficits are at greater risk for temperature regulation impairments and should be monitored carefully.
  • The vest can also do double duty by placing the vest on the lap for weight on the lower body or spread on child before sleep (over blankets) to calm.
  • Below are descriptors used for the standard vest.  With the custom vest, many of them can be changed to suit your needs:
  • A fold-away neckline key ring to attach a chewie and 2 hemline D-rings to attach fidget items. These are optional.
  • The zipper closure, which is a distraction for some, is hidden by a flap and secured with a snap by the neckline.
  • A V-neckline at the front and a scoop the back.  It can be worn back to front if needed so zipper is in back.
  • Size, fibre content and product care information sewn to the inside of the front left hemline pocket, attached to the hook-side of the hook and loop tape.


  • Each basic size (extra-small, small, medium and large) comes with a default weight (for example 12 – 55 g / 2 oz weights for an extra small or small vest). These weights are NOT based on research. 
  • You can change what size of weight you want – at no extra charge - up to 450 g / 1 lb for each weight.  If the default weight does not suit your needs, please order weights that do. For example, if you ordered a small vest, the default is 12 – 55 g / 2 oz weights. You could change it to 4 – 115 g / 4 oz neck weights and 8 – 55 g / 2 oz body weights.
  • The weights have vinyl exterior and steel shot interior.
  • Neckline pockets — pull apart the hook and loop tape and enter neckline pockets through inside shoulder seam. Curved end of weight should enter the pocket first and sit at centre front or centre back area. The labelled end of the weight should be near the pocket opening.
    Chestline pockets — enter through 4 inside openings along a seam in the chest area, two in front and two in the back
    Hemline pockets — enter through 4 inside openings below the chest pocket, two in front and two in the back.


  • Are overwhelmed by sensations in their environment. 
  • Have poor body awareness.
  • Find weight relaxing. 
  • Find transition times stressful.
  • Have specific requirements in their clothes, such as fit, fabric and favourite touches.


Check vest and weights regularly for wear.

    • To wash: Remove weights. Zip up zipper and do up snap. Machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash using detergent. Use warm or cold water to maintain colour brightness.
    • To dry: Lay flat to dry or tumble dry in dryer on low heat. To prevent wrinkling, remove from dryer when slightly damp.
  • The weights are vinyl-covered weights filled with steel shot.
  • To wash: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Download PDF Custom Weighted Vest Form ›

Child vests - Metric Measurements

Size Approx. Age (very rough estimate) Chest with clothes (cm) Vest length- 4 cm growth included Each weight (g) Total weight for vest (g) ID Number Price
Extra Small Under 5 max 48 33 55 660 0116-01 $129.99
Small 5 48-61 41 55 660 0116-02 $134.99
Medium 8 62-70 48 115 1380 0116-03 $139.99
Large 10 71-84 56 225 2700 0116-04 $144.99

*For the above sizes, add $15 for each layer of fleece requested (interior and/or exterior).

Adult vests 

Size of chest


(12 included in order)

Weights over 450 g / 1 lb each 

ID Number

Base price

Above 84 cm / 33 inches

Maximum of 450 g / 1 lb each

Add $2/ weight



*For adult sizes, add $20 for each layer of fleece requested (interior and/or exterior).